• Pilot GTec-BLGC4 UltraFine Pen 0.4mm - Black

Pilot GTec-BLGC4 UltraFine Pen 0.4mm - Black

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A01 30BK
A Cult Pens best-seller, the G-Tec-C4 is an ultra-fine rollerball pen ideal for any application where fine, precise writing is required.
Also suitable for detailed illustration, graphs and drawings.
The 0.4mm rollerball writes a 0.2mm line of pure vivid gel colour without spreading - thanks to the high-tech bio-polymer ink.
The production of a 0.4mm ball point tip has been achieved using the 3-dimples supporting system technology.
In this system, the 0.4mm carbide alloy ball is mounted by making three depressions in the tip of a fine stainless steel pipe, in contrast to the traditional system of hollowing out the metal tip.

Since the ball will be supported on 'points' the reduction in wear surface allows smoother rotation.
The ink used in the G-Tec-C4 is a bio-polymer ink that uses a resin made from a micro-organism very similar to yeast. Although this ink is in a highly viscous gel form during storage, the ink viscosity reduces during the writing process due to the action of the ball rotation. The ink immediately becomes viscous again once on the paper - this special characteristic allowing a clear line without ink spreading.
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